Season 3

 C A R N I V A L E

"New Milfay"

written by Owen Ripley

                Episode 3x01


SAMSON, a dwarf, against a black background.

A new beginning, before all is lost when the forces of light and dark collide,
and from the ash comes an age of peace, 
but peace may not last as long, as god sent down a flood upon man for his greed and cruelty,
but man persevered and rose up to claim what is his, 
and when all was nearly lost god forgave.

A slow series of beautiful, images:

--Man and womens lips kissing, a beutuiful meadow is scene.
--Ben and sofie laying in the meadow, holding one another
--There hands quickly meet together and hold tight
--Ben reaches behind his back and pulls out sofies cards as he smiles
Theme turns dark and decayed
--Sofie closes her eyes and reopens them they are pitch black
--She reaches behind her back and pulls out a sycthe and begins to cut ben

INT.  Managements trailer-Night

Ben in bed opens his eyes and quickly gets up, out of breathe, ben looks a little older, he lifts his shirt to see his scythe scar has reopened and bleeding.

EXT. Managements trailer-Night

Samson is outside having a cigarette gazing at the sky, ben calls for samson from inside, samson quickly throws the cigarette and runs inside.

Kid whats wrong.

Dam scar opened up again.

Hell how many times is this gonna happen... Let me guess, Sofie.

She has nothing to do with it, there just dream god dammit.

Let me get the kit.

Ben lays back down, holding his wound in pain.

INT. Sportsman's Park
Roaring cheers heard, Jonsey Pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals as the catcher approaches Jonsey. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" plays.

You walk him we loose.

Don't you think i know that.

Don't wanna disappoint your kid

Mike spits out his dip, hands jonsey the ball and walks back. Jonsey Looks to the stands and see's Libby and there son.

Daddy's gonna win mama

Libby smiles to her son and looks back towards her husband.

Sure is.